How I did my first escort day

Thanks for coming by on my Personal Blog Page. I have recently have been asked by Journalist from News Paper from City that How does I maintain my high Profile Touch when I am Russian Independent escort Professional and why does it exist in your life? As you know that I am Angel from New Delhi and I have more than 3 years of modeling career and I have found the lust that every Brand and every Technology and every individual do sell by pushing the sex at first place directly and indirectly.

The Escort service is one the best thing that I am willing to add some act in limited time to my customer not only meeting the physical need but also I do it in all unlimited way without having any gratitude, and I do it and follow thought out my Modeling and Escorts lifestyle. Being Model, I have the all stunning figure and pleasing personality that everyone gets lust against me as soon they get to see. Some get fall in love at first sight but I do uplift and support to get the real time companionship by cherishing their desires and need in day time, or entire nigh or just for special duration. I am very much educated and I have the all same objectives from my days and it all coming on and on from first day of my escort and modeling career. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be the queen especially the adding the act where all get happier mood and life. I had controlled my thoughts so tight in all ways, and found modeling and Independent Escort is the one of the ultimate way to get to do reach my goal where I do want to see while praising others for their goodness.

As an educated, beautiful, elegant figure of myself I am all expert to explore and refresh the sexual soul belief on demand. After to do and not join. I decided to give a try rather than staying idle and regretting that’s I don’t like and this is how I got started. I as remember, the first job I have taken care. I receive the call from Businessman who arrived to the town for giving the big brand speech and I didn’t got to know and how we so mature in nearly 35 Years old with all muscle and macho figure and I was just 21 Years old to him but he was nice person.

He picked me and taken to the party where we had some drinks and then he took me to the hotel where he was checked in for few days and he was so good that he was waiting me to showed up but I was drunk. So, I fall asleep and in morning I asked what happen yesterday and he said in romantic way that You were drunken and he didn’t touched from way that makes me proud that there are something good in it and He is the one of my old lover, I could not wait to love as the way I love. We have good rimes from scratch and due to business trip he had short time but I added the best time that he got fond of my acts and friendly act, and being educated was also adding the feel it by giving all high quality of value of love making session with Delhi escorts. That’s how I had my first day.

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